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Who thinks of Lacoste, thinks of the green crocodile. The iconic logo of Lacoste is a reference to the founder of Lacoste, René Lacoste. René Lacoste was a famous Fresh tennis player and founded his own company Lacoste in 1993. His nick name was Le Crocodile, explaining the logo.

Lacoste is of course famous for their polo's. This makes perfect sense, seeing as Lacoste invented the poloshirt. Lacoste has been revolutionary on the area of clothing. The polo's were first only produced in 'tennis white' but that changed after 1951. Together with the production of colored polo's Lacoste began exporting to the United States. Lacoste has been a worldwide famous brand with an upper class-image.

In addition to the well-known polo shirts, the Lacoste product range has grown tremendously. Today, Lacoste also has hoodiesshorts and swimshirtscapssockssweaters and T-shirts. This is only a small part of the entire product range.

A well-known collaboration of Lacoste has been with the New York streetwear label Supreme. Lacoste experienced a strong growth in the 80's. The clothing items that were made at that time became available again with a collaboration. For example Lacoste tracksuits, rugby shirt. In addition, there was also, a collaboration with the brand of Tyler the Creator, Golf Le Fleur.

Lacoste shorts and swim

Lacoste doesn't only sell T-shirts or polo's, but also a lot of shorts and swim. The shorts and swims features a classic and luxury appearance. First designed for the tennis court but people are wearing it as a fashion item nowadays. The shorts and swims are wearable for everyone and gives a unique look. There are basic shorts and swims with a small logo on the front. The shorts are available in different colors and designs. Besides the shorts and swims also check the Hoodies and caps to complete your outfit.

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