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The Dopper Steel

Every minute a truck full of plastic waste ends up in our oceans. In the same minute, 1 million disposable plastic bottles are bought worldwide, but not by you, right? By choosing reusable water bottles over disposable bottles, we are taking action against plastic pollution. Karma points guaranteed.

The Dopper water bottles stand for sustainability, and this one too. If you want a water bottle that makes a difference in your own life and in the world, Dopper bottles are made for you. The Dopper Steel is a sturdy and strong bottle that is perfect for the adventurers among us. The design of the Dopper is unique and practical, because you can choose to drink directly from the bottle or to transform the bottle into a cup. Not bad, huh? Although the Dopper Steel, as its name suggests, is made of steel, it should not be confused with a thermos. The bottle is best suited for cold drinks and is also dishwasher safe up to 65 ° C. All these characteristics ensure that the Dopper Steel is extremely popular. So popular that fans have queued with nerves of steel to get their hands on the bottle, and we understand that, because the Dopper Steel is an industrial masterpiece. 

The Dopper Steel at FRESHCOTTON

There are places where drinking tap water is not an option. Where access to water, a basic need, is a luxury. That is why the revenue of all Dopper bottles not only supports the fight against disposable plastics. Every bottle sold also contributes to clean drinking water projects in Nepal. Reason enough for FRESHCOTTON to be proud to have Dopper in our brand database. Discover all Dopper bottles in our Dopper shop.