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The North Face and HipHop

The North Face has been affiliated with different subcultures since the late 80’s. One of those cultures is the hiphop culture, from which clothing fits perfectly. In Wutang’s Method Man music video clip from 1993, The North Face Steep jacket appeared. That same style Supreme released in 2016 as a collab with The North Face. And through the 90’s, The North Face was present in more and more photoshoots and video clips from different rappers. Together with Carhart WIP, Helly Hansen and Timberland, that have the same origin from making work wear, The North Face has been seen everywhere and has items that are timeless. Nowadays, The North Face is seen with different grime rappers from London, like Skepta or Stormzy. If you attend a show of one of the artists, no doubt you’ll see a The North Face logo; worn by the artists and fans.

The North Face fanny packs

Fanny packs from The North Face are made form an excellent quality so they handle the most bare and rough weather circumstances. Thereby, The North Face thinks it’s important for products to last long. The North Face is doing this by making their packs of a cotton and nylon blend.
Fanny packs from The North Face are in different colours and sizes, so everyone has a pack as they wish. With the tees, check also the corresponding jackets or shirts to finish your outfit off!

The North Face fanny packs at FRESHCOTTON

At FRESHCOTTON we’re always trying to offer a wide selection The North Face fanny packs for you to choose. This can be all-time classics from The North Face, but also the newest releases. Besides The North Face packs we also have nice jackets and shirts. Take a look around at the The North Face shop and don’t forget to add your favorite item to your shopping cart!       

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