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The North Face

History of The North Face

The North Face is named after the most cold and difficult to reach part of the mountain. Since 1966 The North Face is known for their high quality materials made for outdoor people. Later on The North Face started producing their own alpine clothing and they sponsored expeditions to reach parts of the world. The slogan of The North Face is therefore: Never Stop Exploring. The last decades The North Face invests a lot of time in developing new techniques they can apply to their fabrics. They do this successfully. WindWall™ and Futurelight are created by The North Face.
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High-quality and aesthetically good The North Face items

Good colourways and a comfortable fit - that's what describes The North Face items the best. The American brand built a very strong reputation over the years when we're talking about high-quality products. The North Face owes this to the fact that it was founded in 1966. The North Face has a humongous amount of experience.
What else is special about The North Face items, is that they are multifunctional. You can use The North Face for your school or work. But the The North Face items are also really good for outdoor activities and other extreme activities. The North Face thinks it’s important to be able to do both of them.
A The North Face item also excels because of the combined colors in the products. Multiple The North Face items have different color patterns. 

The North Face items at FRESHCOTTON

The clothes are made from great material and sustainable quality, and it looks awesome as well! The North Face has become increasingly popular because they are a great match for many people who love fashionable clothes which are made of high quality.