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Stüssy and it's history

Shawn Stüssy was a well-known, professional surfer from California who started the Stüssy brand in 1980. Of course, Shawn took his inspiration from the surf scene in the west of America. Soon the skate brand was also picked up by the streetwear and hip hop scene and the brand became one of the biggest international players in streetwear. The Stüssy logo came to life when Shawn Stüssy engraved his nickname (also his last name) on his surfboards. A little later he started to print his nickname on T-shirts in the same way. This was the beginning of an iconic streetwear brand, which is indispensable today. Stüssy is not only worn by skaters but also by streetwear lovers. Stüssy has collaborations with brand such as Nike, Carhartt, Patta but also brand such as Birckenstocks and the famous French fashion house Dior. Stüssy proves how divers the brand is with all their amazing collaborations. 


Jackets from Stüssy is known for their quality and diversity. The jackets by Stüssy are unique and finishes every outdoor look. Stüssy jackets come in different designs, models, materials and prints. Think of the Stüssy pullovers, Stüssy parka or Stüssy hooded jacket. Stüssy continuously wants to improve and bring you the best products. Because of the diversity by Stüssy there are jackets for everyone here at FRESHCOTTON!


Do you need a new jacket? Check our offer of Stüssy Jackets right here. Stüssy guarantee you very high quality jackets. For the cold days or against a light spring breeze. Each Stüssy jacket stands out, with hood, light weight, pullover, parka or unique. Buy all the Stüssy Jackets here. To finish your streetwear look! Also take a look in our Stüssy store for all the Stüssy products, Stüssy T-shirts, Stüssy Pants and Sweaters and Hoodies.