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Stüssy and it's history

Shawn Stüssy was a well-known, professional surfer from California who started the Stüssy brand in 1980. Of course, Shawn took his inspiration from the surf scene in the west of America. Soon the skate brand was also picked up by the streetwear and hip hop scene and the brand became one of the biggest international players in streetwear. The Stüssy logo came to life when Shawn Stüssy engraved his nickname (also his last name) on his surfboards. A little later he started to print his nickname on T-shirts in the same way. This was the beginning of an iconic streetwear brand, which is indispensable today. Stüssy is not only worn by skaters but also by streetwear lovers. Stüssy has collaborations with brand such as Nike, Carhartt, Patta but also brand such as Birckenstocks and the famous French fashion house Dior. Stüssy proves how divers the brand is with all their amazing collaborations. 


Today Stüssy is one of the largest and most famous streetwear brands around. That is why we are absolutely proud of the fact that Stüssy and FreshCotton have been working together for so long. For Stüssy in the Netherlands you simply have to be here, at FRESHCOTTON. Stüssy T-shirtsStüssy longsleevesStüssy pantsStüssy sweaters and hoodiesStüssy beaniesStüssy capsStüssy jackets and Stüssy shorts, we have it all in our shop! You can combine Stüssy with every kind of look, thanks to the broad inspiration on which the American brand is based. A must for your daily streetwear look!

3 great items by Stüssy

We, of course, also have favorite items from Stüssy. Every season they come up with great items that always feature colorful prints, the logo and delicious fits. But there are also a few items in each season that have a lot of overlap. We have listed three of these top items for you.

  1. The Stüssy Blanks are characterized by a neat fit, a great quality and the Stüssy logo. Often these Stüssy T-shirts are also available in fresh, summery colors.
  2. The Stüssy Hoodies, with a clean logo of the American brand. This hoodie is also of the highest quality and, like every Stüssy item, has a great fit.
  3. Always check the Stüssy Caps that we have in stock. Often there are some classics in the shop.

Printend Stüssy item care

How to preserve your printed Stüssy T-shirt, long sleeves or hoodie. We've made a list of things to remember when taking care of your printen Stussy item. 

  • When washing your Stüssy item, turn it inside out so the printed side is on the inside now. This preserves the print longer when washing. 
  • Don't wash your Stüssy item on high temperature. The plastic in the print isn't resisted to the heat which causes it to bubble, crack or peel. 
  • Always fold your Stüssy items when you've washed them. When the items hang on hangers there is a possibility that the item stretches.