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The sneaker brand Saucony was founded in 1898, when some entrepreneurs opened a shoe factory in Penssylvania. This was two years after the first marathon at the Olympic Games. Next to the company's location was the Saucony Creek. This is also where the name comes from. Saucony, pronounced sok-a-nie in the original language. It derives from saconk, which stands for the coming together of two rivers. In the 20th century, running became increasingly popular. The only thing missing were the decent running shoes. Most people ran barefoot. Saucony responded by creating the first running shoe. The 7446 Track Spike became a pioneer in running. Runners wearing Saucony shoes won award after award. The quality of the shoes also began to be noticed more and more. The awards that the shoes received made Saucony's the most popular running shoes. Around 1980, the business became very big and several successful shoes were released. From that time on, many iconic models were released. The Grid and Shadow where one of those models. And it is exactly these models that we sell! These models come in new colorways every time. Although Saucony is not the biggest sneaker brand, the brand makes contemporary and original sneakers that go with every outfit.

Saucony at Freshcotton

At Freshcotton we have a wide range of Saucony sneakers. We have multiple models in the range. All in different sizes and colorways. That way there is a Saucony sneaker to match every outfit. 
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