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New Balance Sneakers

New Balance’s history

New Balance started in 1906 as a company that manufactured arch support for shoes and was founded in 1906 by English born William J. Riley. At first, New Balance's main focus was orthopaedic products and specializing in arch supports. The design of these accessories for shoes made balancing on shoes easier. In 1934 William Riley joined with Arthur Hall, who sold supports to people that had jobs on their feet all day, for example police officers.
When the 1950s rolled around, there was a high demand for New Balance products, so much that athletes were asking for the tailored sneakers. In 1954 Arthur Hall sold New Balance to his daughter and her husband Paul Kidd. When Paul Kidd took control along with his wife, the demand and products produced skyrocketed.
The company started out producing and selling their own brand of sneakers around the 60's. By then, around 6 employees would work to produce around 30 sneakers each day. Even though New Balance as a brand has grown, their work ethic and principles haven't changed. The company still favours specialist over cheap labour. This is why almost all New Balance sneakers are produced in either the United States of America or the United Kingdom. Nowadays NB sneakers aren't only a popular choice for jogging or exercising, but also for fans of streetwear or fashion in general. 
The second year in the new decade 1961 the New Balance Trackster released which was the first high performance running shoe. The Trackster has a ripple sole for traction and was available in different widths.
In 1972 New Balance once again was sold, but this time to an outsider of the family Jim S. Davis. By 1976, New Balance was still small but made a global break through with their 320 model and winning first place in the Runner’s World Magazine award. To date, New Balance has expanded their running shoe company to a full athletic shoe empire, including sneakers catering to basketball, tennis and hiking.

New Balance at FRESHCOTTON

FRESHCOTTON values quality in their products and New Balance does the same. The company is known for creating good working conditions for their employees and making durable products. It's no surprise that we are big fans of New Balance. The brand got, long ago before we even were born, famous with high quality shoes.

High-quality and aesthetically good New Balance sneakers

Durable and a comfortable fit - that's what describes New Balance sneakers the best. The English shoes built a very strong reputation over the years when we're talking about high-quality sneakers. New Balance owes this to the fact that it was founded many years ago. New Balance has a humongous amount of experience.
What else is special about New Balance shoes, is that they are multifunctional. You can use New Balance shoes for your school or work. But the New Balance shoes are also really good for outdoor activities. This is because New Balance values comfort.
High quality and aesthetically good sneakers, that's New Balance! Welcome to FRESHCOTTON New Balance shop!

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