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The Dopper Original

Water is a basic need and is consumed by humans every day, but with all its consequences. Worldwide, a truck full of disposable plastic bottles ends up in the ocean every minute, while 1 million disposable bottles are sold in the same minute.

The Dopper Original was created with one goal: to make people choose reusable bottles over disposable bottles in order to save the ocean! Dopper therefore contributes to a better world and all its users too. The bottle has a capacity of 450 ml and consists of three parts: the water bottle, the top that also functions as a cup, and a screw cap. Unlike standard disposable water bottles, the Dopper Original does not contain any harmful substances and toxic plasticizers that can be released when such a bottle is reused. In addition, the design of the bottle is extremely practical: the bottle feels light, fits easily in the backpack, it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe up to 65 ° C. 

The Dopper Original at FRESHCOTTON

Everyone wants the world to be liveable for a long time, but if you want change, it must start with yourself. A great first step could be reducing unnecessary plastic use, for which Dopper has the perfect solution. With this bottle, plastic disposable bottles are superfluous, which saves you one kilo of plastic waste on an annual basis. 

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