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Dopper Insulated

The Insulated collection is brilliant and virtually indestructible! You can find them everywhere from offices to school auditoriums and gyms. And that is because the strength of Dopper is not only in the environmentally conscious, but also in the smart design of the reusable bottles.

The bottle consists of three parts: the water bottle, the top that also functions as a cup, and a screw cap. With these three parts you can make different combinations to enjoy your drink. The ""simplest"" thing you can do is loosen the screw cap and drink straight from the bottle. The other option is to unscrew the top (including screw cap) to create a cup for all your hot and cold drinks. It keeps hot drinks at the right temperature for over 9 hours, cold drinks stay cool for up to 24 hours.

The Dopper Insulated at FRESHCOTTON

In our Insulated shop you can find the stainless multipurpose bottle in two sizes, namely 350 ml and 580 ml. The bottles are available in different colors, such as the awesome Terracota Tide with its coppery color. If you don't like bright colors, don't worry. Choose one of the neutral colors, such as the Wavy White or Blazing Black.