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Carhartt WIP Shirts

Carhartt WIP

If we can say something with 100% certainty, it is that Carhartt WIP  is a pioneer when it comes to making clothes that have to be good quality. Carhartt started making clothes as early as 1889. The fact that this was high-quality clothing is evident from the fact that the brand originally started making clothes for railway workers who could use nothing but strong clothing. As we all know, Carhartt WIP no longer makes track clothing but workwear inspired streetwear! However, it was not until 2006 that Carhartt WIP Workwear came to Europe. Successfully. Because nowadays Carhartt WIP Workwear is one of the biggest and best known streetwear brands in our brand base here at Freshcotton. 

Carhartt WIP at Freshcotton

At Freshcotton we have a large assortment of Carhartt WIP items. We have Carhartt WIP accessories,  Carhartt WIP pants,  Carhartt WIP fanny packs,  Carhartt WIP hoodies,  Carhartt WIP jackets,  Carhartt WIP shorts and swimsuits,  Carhartt WIP longsleeves,  Carhartt WIP beanies,  Carhartt WIP shirts,  Carhartt WIP caps,  Carhartt WIP socks,  Carhartt WIP sweaters,  Carhartt WIP bags,  Carhartt WIP t-shirts,  Carhartt WIP polos  and  Carhartt WIP bucket hats. At Freshcotton we do our best to offer as many Carhartt WIP items as possible so that there is an item for everyone that they find sick. For example, we have items in all kinds of different colors in sizes.

Carhartt WIP Shirts

We don’t only sell Carhartt WIP t-shirts  and  hoodies, but also various shirts. The Carhartt WIP shirts are made of good quality and come in different colours and sizes. Because of this there is a shirt for everyone that suits him. Carhartt WIP used to be a brand that made clothes for railway workers, so Cahrartt WIP knows exactly how to make workwear. There are different types of shirts: you have baisc shirts with only a logo, but also longsleeves with an all-over print.  It doesn't matter which shirt you choose, it will be good quality and it has a nice design anyway. In addition to the shirts, check the  pants and  fanny packs from Carhartt WIP to complete your outfit.

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