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Vans sneakers

Vans' history

In 1966 Paul Van Doren, James Van Doren, Gordon C Lee and Serge D'Elia started the shop The Van Doren Rubber Company. Vans was born. The logo was designed in 1970 by Mark Van Doren, a brother of Paul and James. Mark was 13 when he designed the logo. Since then, Vans has grown to become perhaps the largest skate brand on the market today. The switch to a skate brand was set around '98 in and around the skate scene of California at the time. Vans opened its own skatepark and opened several other skateparks in New Jersey, Virginia, Texas and Colorado. Vans has also paid a lot of attention to sponsoring skate / surf / snowboard events. That is how Vans - skate started to grow and become an iconic, global skate brand.
At FRESHCOTTON we always try to offer the most up-to-date stock of our Vans products, for you to buy here at FRESHCOTTON. Welcome to the Vans webshop of FRESHCOTTON!

Old Skool Vans

One of the best known Vans items is of course the Vans Old Skool. In 1977 Vans produced for the first time Old Skools with the now well-known Vans Side-Stripe. The Old Skool is the first skate shoe from Vans that had leather inside the shoe for better durability while skating. The Vans line started out as a random design by Paul van Doren, but now a days it is must when it comes to Vans. The Vans shoes have become very popular: several celebrities like Robert Pattinson, Justin Bieber and Kristen steward wear the Old Skool sneaker. The different colors and styles of the shoe offer a choice for everyone. Moreover, the sneakers are both formal and informal to wear. Check the collection here at FRESHCOTTON!

Find the best Vans sneakers here

Vans is a leader in the sneaker industry for a long while now. Every time Vans drops new sneakers, they become icons. Everybody has a pair of Vans. The iconic models Old Skool and Classic are also available here at FRESHCOTTON. Order before 23:30 and you will receive it the next day. Welcome to the Vans sneaker shop from FRESHCOTTON! Order your unique Vans here! Vans sneakers, real must haves!

Vans sneakers at FRESHCOTTON

FRESHCOTTON tries to offer you the biggest product range of Vans as possible. Beside the daily Vans items we often have exclusive releases. Check out the Vans page once in a while at FRESHCOTTON to miss not a thing. Buy your Vans sneaker here at FRESHCOTTON! Also check out our other Vans products in our Vans store, or check the special lines Classics and Old Skool.

Three advantages of Vans sneakers

The three most important details are also the three most important advantages of Vans shoes:

  1. Vans shoes are always great fashion
  2. From unique colour combinations till clean streetwear, Vans got it all!
  3. The skate shape ensures the sneakers have a comfortable fit

Enough pros and characteristics that make the Karhu shoes unique. Thereby we'd like to mention our delivery service again - ordered before 00.00, tomorrow delivered. And if your order is above €75,-, we'll deliver your package for free. Questions? [email protected]


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