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First thing that pops in the mind of people when hearing the word knitwear is an old-fashioned sweater which is made by an old lady, but the truth is different now. Check out the products on this page and you will find out that knitwear is hot again these days. Knitwear have a nice vintage look and they have a comfortable fit. Welcome to the knitwear page here at FRESHCOTTON.

History of knitted sweaters

Knitted garments have lasted almost as long as humanity has existed. It was discovered very early on that the animals' fur hairs could be used to make warm clothing and blankets. Woolen clothing and rags have been found in all kinds of cultures and every culture has its folklore of knitting. Knitting was common all over the world and was done by both men and women.

Nowadays knitting has a very different meaning than before. Now there is often a nostalgic value on the knitted garments and it can provide a special vibe. These days you also see more and more knitted sweaters in different types. Cool color contrasts with beautiful designs or clean designs. At FRESHCOTTON we try to offer the widest possible range of knitted sweaters for you. Check out the different making and designs and don't forget to add your favorite item to your shopping cart!