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The history of the hoodie

Champion invented the hoodie in the 1930s. The hooded sweatshirts are only worn by winter workers in Upstate New York. Shortly after, the hoodies were also worn by the United States military during sports exercises. But it wasn't until the 1970s that the hoodie's popularity really started to grow. This was because the Champion-sponsored basketball teams started wearing hoodies during workouts and on the couch. After this hoodies have become how we know them today "a real streetwear staple".

The best hoodies at FRESHCOTTON

At FRESHCOTTON you will find an extensive range of hoodies. A hoodie fits perfectly in the current streetwear culture. Hoodies from famous brands such as Nike, Daily Paper, Carhartt WIPThe North Face, Stussy and HUF are all in our range. Ideal to keep you warm during the winter and they offer comfort during the other seasons. Score your hoodies here in the FRESHCOTTON webshop!

Different types of hoodies

Loose-fitting hoodies or a tighter model? Enough options in the FRESHCOTTON webshop because hoodies also come in different types and colors. For example, there are hoodies with large graphic prints or very basic hoodies. An oversized model is of course for the real streetwear look. With a hoodie, you can adapt any style you want so don't hesitate and score your hoodie in our webshop today!


Quality Blanks QB93 Classic Hood Grey Heather - An all-time classic hoodie, made of heavy cotton. Packed with details and most importantly: very comfortable. This hoodie is also available in black, green, and navy

Daily Paper Alias Hoodie Black - This basic sweater by Daily Paper has soft fleece on the inside which ensures a comfortable experience. This hoodie has a wider fit which makes it an excellent choice to wear on a lazy couch-hanging Sunday. This hoodie is also available in pink, grey, and green.

Nike NSW Club Hoodie White - Nike is known for its sporty, well-designed clothing and this hoodie is a prime example. A non-noisy hoodie made of soft fleece with a narrow hem. A comfy, durable hoodie that will last for a long time. This hoodie is also available in navy.  

Top 3 brands for your hoodies

You can find hoodies of many different famous brands at FRESHCOTTON. We are proud of all the brands that are sold in our webshop and are constantly looking to add more fresh styles to our product range in order to be able to provide you with a hoodie that suits your needs. Check out our top 3 hoodie brands below (no particular order):

1. Daily Paper - This Dutch brand which was established in 2012 has grown into a big player in the fashion world in a relatively short time. FRESHCOTTON has a large number of hoodies of the brand in its webshop, in many colors and styles. Shop your Daily Paper hoodies here, at FRESHCOTTON!   
2. HUF - This American skate brand has developed into a well-known clothing brand in the sneaker- and skate world. This forward-thinking brand offers a wide variety of hoodies, from casual to interesting graphic designs. Great American craftsmanship with a rebellious touch.
3. Stüssy - The American brand Stüssy, established in 1980 and inspired by the surf- and skate scene, is one of the biggest players in the streetwear scene. The brand has a few very notable collaborations with big brands such as GORE-TEX, Nike, and Birkenstock. Shop the coolest and newest Stüssy hoodies here at FRESHCOTTON.

3 different styles for wearing a hoodie

You can wear a hoodie in different ways. Below we present a few of those styles! Hopefully, this gives you a better idea for your purchase of a hoodie.

  1. Are you ready for the cold? Wearing a hoodie under your winter coat is ideal against the cold weather. Make sure you can face the cold in a warm and trendy way!
  2. Wear a hoodie with nice jeans. This gives a sporty look and it gives a natural good look.
  3. For comfort and a nice, calm evening on the couch, you can also combine a hoodie with sweatpants. Very comfortable and it will immediately give your outfit a casual look that you can use to rock outdoors.

3 advantages of wearing a hoodie

1. Warmth - Hoodies provide a lovely warmth in the colder seasons. You can even wear a hoodie in the summer if you're not the type to get cold quickly. Let's be honest, there aren't many things in life more comfortable than pulling a hoodie over your head on a cold and/or lazy day!

2. Versatility - Hoodies are a very versatile addition to your clothing collection. You can wear them with training pants, jeans, joggers, or even shorts. Hoodies can also be easily matched with different types of jackets and shoes. Also, if you are a layer-wearing type of person, a hoodie is basically a must-have.

3. Comfort - Nothing more comfortable than putting on a hoodie on a lazy day. Whenever you have no inspiration for a flashy outfit, a hoodie enables you to quickly wear something comfortable while also keeping up your appearance. By putting on your hood you save the time that you'd normally spend on doing your hair. Sounds good, right?

Questions about the hoodies in the webshop of FRESHCOTTON? Contact our customer service, make use of our chat, or send us an e-mail! [email protected]