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Stepney Workers Club Sneakers

Stepney Workers Club sneakers

Stepney Workers Club’s history

Stepney Workers Club is a brand from East London that is inspired by the inclusive culture of traditional work shoes and sneakers. It was founded in 2018. The brand message 'Freedom of sport, freedom of thinking' and the handshake symbol represent the values, liberal thinking and the unity that we associate with these groups. The unisex footwear is a reconsideration of timeless, gender-free classically vulcanized classics that have been adopted by various subcultures over the decades. SWC is a freethinking approach and spirit that is relevant again today.

Stepney Workers Club at FRESHCOTTON

Stepney Workers Club is an emerging brand that offers quality at the same time. The timeless shoes of SWC are a basic must have and can easily be matched with many outfits. The shoes of SWC are available in different colors. Take a look at this page and choose your SWC sneakers