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History of sliders

Slides can be traced back to Ancient Rome. Though they are often thought to come from as far back as Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece, there is a lack of documentation to further prove that. The popularity of slides in the United States started in the late 1960s, when vibrant, colourful aesthetics, such as cheery flower motifs, were followed. Across the world in Germany the brand Birkenstock created the first fitness slide, a simple design made from contoured cork with a single buckled leather strap. Another German company, Adidas invented the well-known Adilette pool slide. Nowadays we’re 100% you’ll find a pair of sliders in every household.  

Sliders on your feet

Slides, slippers, slip-ons, sliders.... there are so many different ways to call them by. One thing they have in common; being super comfortable. The open-toed and open-heeled footwear is usually made out of a foam sole which the foot can hold on to with the use of a single strap. Providing you with the best breathability out of any type of footwear available. An ideal item for when you've just finished working out and need to hit a public shower or whether you're just going for a beach day. Welcome to the Sliders Store at FRESHCOTTON!


At FRESHCOTTON we provide the various types of sliders from varying brands, these include slides from: Adidas, Nike or The North Face. We host all time classic sliders, like the ones from Adidas. But we also have exclusive releases from sliders, like the Nike Air Max 90 Sliders. Have a look around in the Sliders Shop and don't forget to add your favourite pair to your basket!

When to wear sliders

Knowing when to wear sliders can be quite tricky, we at FRESHCOTTON know it like no other. That is why we have created a shortlist of some examples when it is okay to wear sliders:

  1. Going to the beach is a perfect time to wear sliders as they provide the perfect solution to constantly getting sand in your sneakers. 
  2. Floors of public gym showers can be evaded by using sliders as an extra layer of protection when showering. 
  3. Relaxing day at home? Sliders provide the perfect solution to make your lazy Sunday even more comfortable!

Any further questions regarding sliders? Contact our customer service team or send us a mail! [email protected]

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