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Polo Ralph Lauren

In 1967, legendary fashion designer Ralph Lauren founded his own company. Ralph Lauren was born in The Bronx in 1939, a well-known deprived neighborhood in New York. From an early age, Ralph was already involved in fashion. At school he already sold ties that he made himself. The ambition to start his own brand was already there and a few years later Ralph came up with his first official collection of ties. These ties were sold under the name ""Polo"". Not much later, the collection was expanded to include clothing and accessories. The brand continued to grow and in 1981 he became the first American designer to open a store in Europe, in London. And since then Ralph Lauren has grown into one of the largest clothing brands.

Ralph Lauren bucket hats

You have made your way to the Ralph Lauren Bucket Hats. On this page we exclusively offer an overview of only Ralph Lauren Bucket Hats that you can buy at FRESHCOTTON. Ralph Lauren's Bucket hats are often characterized by the well-known polo player embroidered on the front. However, some designs may also be different. You also have bucket hats with old classic logos or with badges all over the bucket hat. Finally, we also offer bucket hats with the Polo Bear as the brand logo. All Polo items are recognizable and stylish. Welcome to the FRESHCOTTON Ralph Lauren bucket hat Shop!

Ralph Lauren bucket hats at FRESHCOTTON

At FRESHCOTTON we believe it is very important that we offer products of high quality. We are happy to offer you the best of the best. That is why we now also offer Ralph Lauren bucket hats. Ralph Lauren is well known for their beautiful designs in combination with materials of high quality.

In addition, we have a preference for clothing that is unique, the Polo Bear collection is an example of this. The Polo Bear was first released in 1991 after Ralph Lauren employees gave their boss and his brother teddy bears dressed just like them. After this, Ralph thought they should start selling the stuffed toys in the store. The first series of 200, dressed in Ralph Lauren clothing, sold out in one weekend in the flagship store in New York. The bear was so popular that it was put on sweaters, T-shirts, ties and jeans, among other things. But in 2001 Ralph Lauren stopped using the bear because the collaboration with the German teddy bear producer Steiff ended. But the Polo Bear came back in 2013 and het hasn't left since.

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