Karhu Synchron Classic

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Karhu Synchron Classic

The Karhu Synchron Classic sneakers made their debut in 1980 and immediately stood out because of the unorthodox laces. After the great success of the Karhu Synchron shoes, Karhu breathed new life into sneakers in the 90s. A new release of the Karhu Synchron shoes ensured another successful victory for Karhu and his sneakers. With the latest release of the Karhu Synchron classic shoes, Karhu can pat herself on the back. The latest models are equipped with an air-cushion unit and a stable heel counter that provide optimal comfort. In addition, Karhu shoes have had a sporty reputation for decades and these shoes are also very suitable for outdoor activities.

Facts about the Karhu Synchron Classic Karhu

Karhu sneakers are very special. That is why we have put together a small list of interesting facts for you to read about the Karhu Synchron Classis: 

  • The Karhu Synchron Classic shoes belong to the 'legend pack' of Karhu. These are Karhu's legendary shoe lines. This includes the Karhu Legacy 96, Karhu Aria 95 and the Karhu Fusion 2.0. 
  • All Karhu sneakers are very suitable for outdoor activities such as walking, running or cycling.
  • Karhu stays true to the original design from the 80s. In order to modernize the sneaker, the latest air cushion technology has been applied. Most importantly, Karhu retains the unique Synchron lacing structure that serves as a way of securing the forefoot.

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