Karhu Legacy 96

Karhu Legacy 96

Karhu gets their inspiration from innovations from the past while keeping the future in mind. This really applies to the Karhu Legacy 96 shoe collection. Karhu has chosen to breathe new life into the shoes that originated in the '90s. Just like all the other Karhu sneakers, the Legacy 96 shoes are multifunctional. You can use the Karhu shoes for your daily activities but also for sports-related activities. The sublimated print on the footbed emphasizes the Air Cushion heel of the Karhu shoe, which provides extra softening and comfort.

Facts about the Karhu Legacy 96

Karhu sneakers are really special and super fascinating. That’s why we made a small list of interesting facts for you to read about the Karhu Legacy 96:

  • The Karhu Legacy 96 shoes belong to the so-called ‘Legend Pack’ of Karhu. This is the legendary shoe collection of Karhu. The karhu Legacy 96, Karhu Aria 95 and the Karhu Fusion 2.0 also belongs to this pack. 
  • All Karhu sneakers are very suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Karhu shoes are durable and sporty 

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