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Karhu Aria 95

With the Karhu Aria 95, Karhu makes a stylish tribute to the shoe technology from the '90s. The Karhu Aria 95 shoes are unique because of the complex and aesthetic shape of the shoes. The Karhu Aria 95 shoes are famous for their fulcrum-technology, which ensures more balanced cushioning, increased support, and more energy.
Karhu is also known for using multiple colors for their shoe designs. The Karhu Aria 95 sneakers contain multiple colors that make these shoes unique and aesthetically pleasing. Just like all Karhu sneakers, the Karhu Aria 95 shoes are very suitable for outdoor activities, like running, cycling, and hiking. Welcome to FRESHCOTTON’s Karhu Aria 95 shop!

Karhu Aria 95 at FRESHCOTTON

At FRESHCOTTON we always try to offer you a wide selection of Karhu sneakers. These can be all-time Karhu shoes but also the newest releases. With the Karhu Aria 95 we offer also other different shoes like the; Karhu Fusion 2.0, Karhu Synchron Classic and the karhu Legacy 96. Take a look around in our shop and don’t forget to add your favorite pair to your cart!

Facts about the Karhu Aria 95

The Karhu sneakers are really special and so fascinating. That’s why we made a small list with interesting facts for you about the Karhu Aria 95:

  • The Karhu Aria 95 shoes belong to the so-called Karhu 'Legend pack'. This is the legendary shoe collection of Karhu that embodies the brands legacy. Other models that are included in this pack are Karhu Legacy 96, Karhu Fusion 2.0 and the Karhu Synchron Classic. 
  • All Karhu sneakers are very suitable for outdoor activities.
  • On the Karhu Aria 95 you can find the famous ‘M’ shape on the midfoot and a fine Karhu branding on the heel.

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