History of Kangol

Kangol was founded in 1918, when founder Jacques Spreiregen came back from the first world warl. He started importing Basque berets from France. In 1938 they were marketed as an must-have-post-war item. In this year he also named the brand KANGOL, to distinguish his company from the competitors. The name came from several words: The K from Knitting, the ANG from Angora and OL from Wool. In 1954 the Kangol hats were redesigned to the hats that we know nowadays. In 1981 the focus changed to the US market and it became a more known brand. At that moment they were still experimenting with logos, they’ve had horses, turtles and crocodiles. But when Americans came to the store and asked for the Kangaroo hats, they adopted it as their logo.

Kangol at Freshcotton

They have a wide range with bucket hats, caps, berets and other hats. At Freshcotton we have selected items that we find good for our store passengers. The streetwear element returns. They come in different colors, sizes and materials. What all hats do have in common is that they are equipped with the Kangol logo. This is embroidered on each scarf.
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