Hi-Tec's history

Born in The Netherlands, Frank van Wezel, is the one who founded HI-TEC in 1974. Van Wezel worked for years in Kenya, but moved to south-east England (Southend-on-Sea) in the early 70s. The Dutchman saw there was a need for high-quality and aesthetically pleasing sports shoes around him. The first shoe, the ""Squash Classic"", has already been sold over 22 million times.
In 1988, HI-TEC makes great strides and becomes main sponsor of football club Southend United. In the years that followed, things only got better for HI-TEC. When Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990, he wore HI-TEC shoes. Partly because of this, HI-TEC also received more and more attention in the United States and HI-TEC became one of the best sports shoes in the world. HI-TEC was worn by many mountaineers, hikers and were worn during the Wimbledon Tennis Championship finals. Since 2010, HI-TEC started to become a pioneer in the field of trendy and sporty sneakers. 

High-quality and aesthetically good Hi-Tec sneakers

Modern and a comfortable fit - that's what describes Hi-Tec sneakers the best. The shoes built a very strong reputation over the years when we're talking about high-quality sneakers. Hi-Tec owes this to the fact that it was founded in 1974. Hi-Tec has a humongous amount of experience.
What else is special about Hi-Tec's shoes, is that they are multifunctional. You can use Hi-Tec shoes for your school or work. But the Hi-Tec shoes are also really good for outdoor activities. This is because Hi-Tec combined the classic runner shape with the comfort.

Three advantages of Hi-Tec sneakers

The three most important details are also the three most important advantages of Hi-Tec shoes:

  1. The ultimate comfort
  2. The classic runner shape
  3. The unique clean streetwear style