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Hi-Tec's history

Born in The Netherlands, Frank van Wezel, is the one who founded HI-TEC in 1974. Van Wezel worked for years in Kenya, but moved to south-east England (Southend-on-Sea) in the early 70s. The Dutchman saw there was a need for high-quality and aesthetically pleasing sports shoes around him. The first shoe, the "Squash Classic", has already been sold over 22 million times.
In 1988, HI-TEC makes great strides and becomes main sponsor of football club Southend United. In the years that followed, things only got better for HI-TEC. When Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990, he wore HI-TEC shoes. Partly because of this, HI-TEC also received more and more attention in the United States and HI-TEC became one of the best sports shoes in the world. HI-TEC was worn by many mountaineers, hikers and were worn during the Wimbledon Tennis Championship finals. Since 2010, HI-TEC started to become a pioneer in the field of trendy and sporty sneakers. For example, with the Hi-Tec HTS Silver Shadow Rgs, HI-TEC has launched modern sneakers that are also very suitable for outdoor activities.

High-quality and aesthetically good Hi-Tec sneakers

Modern and a comfortable fit - that's what describes Hi-Tec sneakers the best. The shoes built a very strong reputation over the years when we're talking about high-quality sneakers. Hi-Tec owes this to the fact that it was founded in 1974. Hi-Tec has a humongous amount of experience.
What else is special about Hi-Tec's shoes, is that they are multifunctional. You can use Hi-Tec shoes for your school or work. But the Hi-Tec shoes are also really good for outdoor activities. This is because Hi-Tec combined the classic runnershape with the comfort.
A Hi-Tec sneaker also excels because of the clean streetwear style in the shoe. Multiple Hi-Tec shoes have different styles. Check out the Hi-Tec HTS Silver Shadow Rgs Silver Mint Foam or the  Hi-Tec HTS Rgs Fizo Cotton Rich Rosewood and you'll see why Hi-Tec sneakers are special. High quality and aesthetically good sneakers, that's Hi-Tec's! Welcome to FRESHCOTTONS Hi-Tec shop!

Hi-Tec shoes men at FRESHCOTTON

It's no surprise that we are big fans of Hi-Tec. The brand got long ago famous with an iconic model, the ‘Squash Classic’. The shape of these shoes are still noticeable at the current sneakers at Hi-Tec, super dope!
You can buy Hi-Tec shoes at FRESHCOTTON because of the wide selection, the next day delivery and the free shipping at every order above €75,-.

Highlighted Hi-Tec shoes at FRESHCOTTON

At FRESHCOTTON we think all sneakers from Hi-Tec are special. The combination of clean streetwear and the sporty touch make the Hi-Tec shoes unique in his sort. Although there are some shoes that deserve to be highlighted:
The Hi-Tec HTS Silver Shadow Rgs Silver Mint Foam sneakers are exceptional because of their plain look, while at the same time the shoes have plenty of details. Finished off with details of suede and the Hi-Tec branding on top.
At last we’d like to highlight the Hi-Tec HTS Blast Neon Yellow White shoes. One of the best running shoes during the late 80’s got a new life. By that time, the shoes were designed for humongous marathons that go up till 140 kilometer.  
Ofcourse we have other Hi-Tec shoes that are special. These sneakers are really worth checking out.
Click here for the Hi-Tec HTS Rgs Fizo Cotton
Click here for the Hi-Tec HTS Rgs Fizo Black

Three advantages of Hi-Tec sneakers

The three most important details are also the three most important advantages of Hi-Tec shoes:

  1. The ultimate comfort
  2. The classic runner shape
  3. The unique clean streetwear style

Enough pros and characteristics that make the Hi-Tec shoes unique. Thereby we'd like to mention our delivery service again - ordered before 00.00, tomorrow delivered. And if your order is above €75,-, we'll deliver your package for free. Questions? [email protected]

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