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Men caps at Freshcotton

Are you looking for new snapbacks, dad caps, 6 panels or 5 panels? FRESHCOTTON has it all here in our caps shop! A wide selection of caps, ranging from snapbacks to trucker caps, you can find it here. You see the dad cap more and more often in the streets, but also the snapback and the 5-panel are still a classic.

Caps brands at Freshcotton

We have a wide range of brands in the FRESHCOTTON caps store. Caps always come in great varieties, sizes and designs. HUF caps, an OBEY 6-panel or a Stüssy hat, we have it all in the streetwear men's caps store at FRESHCOTTON. You can also find a Daily Paper cap, Nike or a Carhartt WIP cap here. Shop here and assure yourself of a great quality cap that completes any streetwear look!

Tips for caps

Looking for that new cap, but you don't know exactly which one to choose? Here are 3 recommendations that may help you.
  1. Snapbacks and 5-panels are very famous models that you can perfectly wear with a classic clean look.
  2. The dad cap is working on a true revival. Don't miss this hype and shop your new dad caps here.
  3. Check whether the cap has an adjustable fit or not. This can help you adjust the caps to your desired fit.

Top picks caps

We at Freshcotton would like to help you and have selected 3 top picks for you to complete your outfit with.

  1. Caps from Polo Ralph Lauren. The classic cap from Polo Ralph Lauren is a cap that is timeless and can be matched with anything. The collection at Freshcotton consists of different models and colors of the classic cap. If you want to wear this classic cap, take a look at our webshop.
  2. Caps from Stussy. Stussy is a brand whose reach is constantly expanding. We at Freshcotton are certainly happy with the collaboration and have a wide range, including caps. The caps from Stussy are available in different models and different prints on the cap. To see the entire collection of caps, click here.
  3. Caps from Carhartt WIP. These caps are known for being of high quality and having beautiful designs. So this is an excellent cap to finish your outfit. The caps are available in different colors and sizes. Take a look at our webshop!

More questions about caps at FRESHCOTTON? E-mail us! [email protected]