Bucket Hats

History of the bucket hat

The bucket hat was introduced around 1900. Originally they were made of wool or tweed, they were traditionally worn by Irish farmers and fishermen to protect them from the rain. The way the Irish processed the wool made the bucket hats waterproof.  The bucket hats could be easily folded up in a pocket and was easy to clean if it fell into the mud. This made the hat perfect for fishermen and farmers. In the 1960s, the bucket hat became a fashion accessory for women. In the 1970s it was picked up by men and in the 1980s the bucket hat became popular with rappers. Since then it has been streetwear and fashion. Nowadays, bucket hats are totally hot.

Bucket hats at FRESHCOTTON.

Nowadays, bucket hats can no longer be imagined from the fashion world. The hats are very popular as festival gear but also just as a finisher for your outfit. At Freshcotton we do our best to offer the widest possible range of bucket hats. They come from all kinds of different brands, in different colours and in different sizes. 

Bucket hat brands at FRESHCOTTON

At Freshcotton we have several brands that bucket hats. Each brand has its own style and therefore there is a bucket hat for everyone they want. We have bucket hats from Carhartt WIPNike, Stussy, Polo Ralph Lauren and Gramicci. Click on one of these brands to go to the specific page for the bucket hats. Don't forget to add them to your cart.