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Beanies finish your outfit!

Are you looking for a new beanie? FRESHCOTTON has a large selection of beanies in this men's streetwear beanie shop. A large selection of beanies has been put together with care for you. You can find it all here. Beanies are very popular these days. Beanies can ensure that your outfit gets an extra dimension. In the winter, hats can of course be used to keep you nice and warm. Beanies are multifunctional and definitely deserve a place in your closet.

Streetwear Beanies brands

When it comes to brands, we are very diverse in our beanie shop. Beanies are available in many different shapes and sizes. You have hats in black, white, red, blue, etc. You also have hats that are a bit tighter around your head, but you also have hats that are a bit looser. In our shop there are brands such as Nike, Patagonia, Obey, HUF, Wemoto, Daily Paper & Carhartt WIP. Nike beanies are more sporty, HUF beanies are more streetwear. Enough choice for you! Take a look and decide for yourself which beanie you like best.

Tips for beanies

Looking for a new beanie, but not sure which one to choose? Here are 3 recommendations that might help you.

  1. There are larger beanies that you can wear over your ears, but also beanies that are a bit smaller. Think carefully about the format you want.
  2. Make sure you choose a beanie that fits your own style.
  3. Do you have a preference for a certain brand, look in our webshop and check if it is available. Then you know for sure that it is good!

Top picks beanies

We at Freshcotton are happy to help you and have selected 3 top picks for you that will make sure you get through this winter.

  1. Beanies from Carhartt WIP. Freshcotton therefore has the most beanies from Carhartt. They have different models and different colors for you in the webshop to get through this winter. Are you curious now? Feel free to take a look at the collection.
  2. Beanies from Daily Paper. The Daily Paper hats are highly recommended for a stylish winter. Daily Paper returns every winter with their signature hats, so again this winter. View them here!
  3. Beanies from Le Bonnet. You can easily wear these stylish and basic hats with any outfit. Le Bonnet is known for the high quality hats, so there is a good chance that you can enjoy the hats from Le Bonnet for several winters. Feel free to take a look at the webshop.

Questions about the beanies? Send us an email! [email protected]