Golia Bracelets

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Golia bracelets 

All Golia bracelets are designed in Amsterdam and handmade in Italy. The gold plated bracelets are unisex so, they can be worn by both the sexes! The bracelets are inspired by the classic 90's and vintage feeling, turned into modern designs. Golia ensures the best quality by working with small and local companies for their produce. All bracelets are made of recycled silver and gold. 

How to style Golia bracelets

The Golia bracelets are the perfect addition to your daily essentials! You can wear the Golia bracelets solo or multiple at the same time. The Golia bracelets also have matching Golia necklaces

Golia Bracelet Maintenance

Because the bracelets is made out of gold plated silver and not completely out of gold, the gold can wear off. To ensure you get the most out of Golia's gold bracelets we advice you to avoid showering with the bracelets on. Also avoid perfume, lotions, seawater, hair products and refrain from heavy exercising with the bracelets. 

Store your 14K gold plated bracelets in a dark and dry place. Avoid humid rooms and spots. 

If in any case you want to clean your bracelets be very cautious! Use a soft brush and a bit of warm water. Try to prevent the gold to wear off.