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Daily Paper

Daily Paper is the brand of three Amsterdam men. It started as a blog where stuff they thought was interesting was posted. They printed their own tees as promotion for their blog. The tees turned out to be very popular. They decided to do something more with it. That is how Daily Paper started. What began as merchandise for a blog has grown into an international brand with collabs from big brands like Puma. Nowadays Daily gets a lot of inspiration from the heritage of African culture wrapped in contemporary designs. It’s safe to state that Daily Paper became one the most booming brands in Europe real quick. Twice a year Daily Paper releases a collection that’s estimated for men and women

Daily Paper at FRESHCOTTON

Daily Paper has grown extremely the past couple of years. The Daily Paper clothing style cannot be missed in The Netherlands. Whether it is their renown 'Captain Hoodie"" or another piece of clothing, you'll know it is a piece from Daily Paper due to its unique characteristic designs and style.
It might not come as a surprise that we are Daily Paper fans. The Dutch brand established itself really solid in The Netherlands and Daily Paper is looking further than that. Daily Paper opened a store in New York in 2020, how cool is that?! 

Aesthetically good Daily Paper items

Daily Paper thinks it’s important for their garments to be timeless. Daily Paper is doing this by making a wide selection of designs. For example, clean streetwear, but also bright coloured sweaters and T-shirts with special artworks. They’re definitely not afraid to experiment at Daily Paper.

Top 3 Daily Paper clothing staff picks by FRESHCOTTON

The Daily Paper clothing webshop at FRESHCOTTON showcases a vast collection of cool products. Still there are some which just standout. The following is a short list of which Daily Paper products are the dopest: 

  1. The Daily Paper jackets are extremely stylish whilst still functional. Ranging from neat summer jackets to dope winterjackets, you will be spoiled for choice. The Daily paper Puffer jackets are currently the center of the hype, just to name an example. 
  2. Daily Paper always knows to standout by producing the best hoodies. The Daily Paper hoodies always have a sleek design whilst also providing the desired level of comfort. Therefore, its a must-have!
  3. The Daily Paper T-Shirts however varying, are still stylish! The tees with cool graphics, sleek basics and even longsleeve polo's. Daily Paper has it all!

Daily Paper longsleeves

Longsleeves from Daily Paper are made from an excellent quality. The clean design and nice fabrics allways make sure the longsleeves look very good. Thereby, Daily Paper thinks it’s important for products to last long. Longsleeves  from Daily paper are available in different colors and sizes, so everyone has the longsleeve as they wish. With the hoodie, check also the corresponding pants or t-shirts to finish your outfit off!

Daily Paper longsleeves at FRESHCOTTON

At Freshcotton we’re always trying to offer a wide selection Daily Paper longsleeves for you to choose. This can be all-time classics from Daily Paper, but also the newest releases. Besides Daily Paper longsleeves  we also have nice caps and hoodies . Take a look around at the Daily Paper shop and don’t forget to add your favourite item to your shopping cart!

Facts about the Daily Paper longsleeves

Products, and the longsleeves, from Daily Paper are very special and interesting. That’s why we made a list of interesting fact for you to read about the Daily Paper longsleeves.

  1. The longsleeves are made of an extremely high quality
  2. Design is a priority for Daily Paper.
  3. Daily Paper longsleeves have a clean design, this shows they definitely are competing in the streetwear world.

Check out the entire Daily Paper collection.