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The 90s were dominated by Champion, everyone wore sweaters, from skaters and hip hop artists to DJs and school children. Brand ambassador Manny Martinez said that in the 1990s, stores could place a box of hoodies in the center of the store and that they would be sold out before staff could even hang them on racks.

Due to the rising popularity of '90s streetwear apparel, Champion started to emerge as an alternative sportswear brand a few years ago, with minimalist designs that set you apart from the others.

Champion noticed this subtle rise in popularity for their retro products in second-hand locations and took advantage of the opportunity, venturing into a series of collaborations with streetwear giants such as Supreme and BAPE in 2010. These collaborations helped bring the brand back to life. Champion has undeniably had one of the most successful brand revivals in recent history. Freshcotton is naturally proud to be able to offer Champion.


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