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by Parra

by Parra is a clothing brand with a designed inspired by Dutch artists Piet Parra (1976). Parra's artwork is iconic and easily recognizable because of his use of vibrant and bright colors, handwritten texts and the usage of post-pop imagery. Piet Parra has become a respectable man in the art world and has accumulated many fans worldwide. 

Although the artists himself lives and works in Amsterdam, most of the items designed by Parra are produced by experienced vendors in Portugal. These vendors are selected for their craftsmanship and experience so each collection is consistent with the vision of Piet Parra.


We at FRESHCOTTON value quality and unique design. The products created by Parra are both unique and extremely well designed. The prints are consistent with Piet Parra's artwork and each collection has recognizable elements, which make matching clothes easier. We also offer accessories by Parra on our webshop.

You'll find different products on our webshop, such as short sleeved t-shirts with unique prints made by Piet Parra. We also offer long sleeved t-shirt with beautiful prints and patterns. Checkout our longsleeves page for more! 

Colder weathers require thicker material, and by Parra has us covered here as well. Hoodies that offer protection against cold weather while still sporting a beautiful and artsy look. Our webshop also has sweaters by Parra. Both hoodies and sweaters either have a unique print or print that is easily recognizable as the work by the artist whose nam is referenced on the items. 

by Parra also offers their very own jackets for different seasons. Their puffer jackets with an all-over print inner lining is one of our most popular and most requested items. Ideal for protecting yourself during harsh weathers and looking good at the same time. 

by Parra accessories

Aside from clothing By Parra also offers many accessories which all serve a specific purpose. The iconic style by Parra often has can be seen in the designs and prints of these items. 

Our webshop for example has fanny packs for storing smaller items. These fanny packs have a unique and recognizable design. Often times prints featuring artwork can also be found on these accessories. 

We also have caps and beanies by by Parra. These hats are made of good quality material and produced by experienced vendors. The items often have the recognizable design of by Parra. Ideal for looking good and keeping your head warm or safe from the sun. 

Last but not least are the socks of by Parra. The colors of these socks are the same as clothing items of the same collection. This makes matching these socks ideal. The socks often feature artwork or prints. The use of vibrant colors is also present with these by Parra items.