PUMA Palermo X Joël Domingos

Singer and songwriter Joël Domingos celebrates the sweet life with PUMA and the new Palermo sneaker release.

PUMA Palermo X Joël Domingos

Together with Puma and Joël Domingos, we celebrate the new release of the Puma Palermo sneaker, capturing the essence of 'the sweet life'. Joël, a passionate musician, discovered his love for music at a young age. His journey as an artist began by picking up the guitar after flute lessons and crafting his own songs, fully embracing his musical passion. Even in kindergarten, Joël's teacher noted his constant singing and whistling, foreshadowing his future in music. Influenced by artists like Jon Bellion, Stromae, and Pixar, Joël's music blends pop and hip-hop with an arthouse twist, reflecting his diverse inspirations and eclectic taste.

His latest album, 'Dreamers Don't Sleep', explores themes of self-confidence, loneliness, and love, serving as a manifesto for those who dare to follow their own path. Just as his music is a reflection of his personality, Joël's clothing style is an extension of his individuality, guided by personal feeling rather than fleeting trends. For Joël, wearing the right outfit on stage is like his secret sauce for confidence. Picture this: Joël, with a beer in hand, jamming out at a cozy music café in Mindelo, Cape Verde. That's his vibe for 'the sweet life'. And his big dream? It's headlining major festivals like the Alpha stage at Lowlands!

Now, when it comes to dishing out advice to fellow artists, Joël keeps it real. He's all about creating from the heart, growing personally, and just staying true to who you are. Authenticity is golden in his book. That's the key to making it big in the music industry, according to him. When you listen to his latest release 'Stick to your ways' you'll hear him sing exactly that.

Let's talk sneakers! Puma's latest Palermo designs are all about celebrating that terrace culture with a reference to the Sicilian capital, mixing up Italian flair with athletic vibes. These Palermos are versatile, comfy, and on trend – strolling through the city, hanging out with friends, or catching one of Joël's shows. You've got two colourways to choose from: 'Grape Mist-Peach Fizz', and 'PUMA Black'. Get your pair now at Freshcotton and step up your shoe game!

Are you curious about Joëls music? Visit one of his shows and experience his new album live. Find his tour dates below and click the link for tickets!

Thursday April 4 // Rotown - Rotterdam

Saturday April 6 // Bitterzoet - Amsterdam

Thursday April 11 // Hall of Fame - Tilburg

Saturday April 13 // Merleyn - Nijmegen

Friday April 19 // Hedon - Zwolle

Saturday April 20 // Simplon - Groningen