New brand: RAINS @ freshcotton

We are excited to welcome Rains as the latest addition to our brand family. Check out the full Rains collection now at freshcotton!

New brand: RAINS @ freshcotton

Rains is one of the leading outerwear brands within our community. The Rains collections combine a conceptual yet functional design approach, a hint of urban influence and all while maintaining a distinctive fabric identity. The coated waterproof fabric collection, inspired by Rain’s first design, is a contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic rubber raincoat. With its modern Scandinavian aesthetic, unisex collections and ever-stunning range, Rains brings these elements to freshcotton as of now.

The ‘Long Jacket’ is a longer version of Rain’s classic design, Jacket. It has been added to our collection in five different colours. This modern style is available in the colours: Sand, Green, Black, Grey and Navy, making any of them it ideal for the upcoming autumn season. The ‘Long Jacket’ offers great functionality in a minimalist silhouette, perfect for any outfit. The waterproof jacket is made of Rain’s signature PU fabric and features ultrasonically welded seams. It also contains ventilation and is lightweight, providing extra comfort.

Next to the long jacket, why don't you take a look at the other models which vary in length, detailing and form. Browse the fishtail jacket and the fishtail parka.

Designed to keep you dry, this jacket will make your fits fully autumn-ready. Check out the full Rains collection now at freshcotton!