Dr. Martens x Viccens

We talk to rapper and artist Viccens on his music, self-expression and his personal clothing style.

Dr. Martens x Viccens

In collaboration with Dr. Martens and emerging rapper and artist Viccens (Victoire Elekonawo), we delve into the world of music, self-expression and style. Visiting Viccens in the studio where he works on new music with his friends, we quickly notice a calming and friendly atmosphere. Viccens grew up in North Limburg and has a Togolese/Dutch background. The village where he was raised was incredibly quiet and peaceful. "Because there was nothing to do in the village where I lived, I found creativity in hip-hop for the first time."His own thoughts and the people around him are Viccens' biggest inspiration. There are a number of artists he looks up to. "Number one is Felu Kuti, he is Nigerian. In America, I particularly look at Lil Yachty: he has a truly unique style and path and refuses to be put in a box, dropping a psych-rock album and then moving on to his rap tracks.."

For Viccens, his musical expression is synonymous with his personal style. His music is as colourful as his clothing. "When I wear an outfit that stays 'within the lines,' I always have to add something that makes it unique." This is also clearly evident in Viccens' musical style; an additional sound or adlibs make something unexpected happen, making his music unique.In the rap scene, fashion and style play an important role. Just like your music, your outfit should exude confidence, as essentially, that's your business card. For Viccens, a good outfit is just as important as knowing his lyrics. "I have to feel good in the fit and exude Viccens. If I don't feel good in the outfit, it affects me and my presence.

When it comes to shoes, we quickly realise that comfort is just as important as style to Viccens. "If the kicks feel like I'm standing on a piece of cardboard, I'm out! No matter how nice the shoes (designs) are haha." In this instance, Viccens’ look comes together perfectly with a pair of Dr. Martens Jorge mules. "I've always wanted to have a pair of Dr. Martens, but it never happened because I always stuck with sneakers. Fortunately, Dr. Martens are timeless, so it's never too late."

When Viccens looks to the future, he sees himself performing at major festivals. "My dreams are to play at Eurosonic Noorderslag and Lowlands, that's really the goal." Furthermore, the artist dreams of having his own full-length project to tour with. What we already know is that he'll look fresh during those shows. "How I dress on stage contributes to the fact that I want to encourage my fans not to care about what people think of you: wear what you think is cool, no matter the weather."

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