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Arte Antwerp

This Belgian brand was founded in 2009 and then started with an experimental T-shirt collection. This collection united different art forms with a T-shirt. This first creation of Arte Antwerp immediately reflected Arte's vision. Arte Antwerp mirrors a fusion of contemporary artistic expressions with subcultural tendencies.
The founder and creative director, Bertony Da Silva, has a deep-rooted background in graphic design and explored a variety of art forms, ranging from modern architecture to music. Arte Antwerp has now grown into a cultivated creative brand, which proves its relevance by translating artistic and timely concepts into ready-to-wear clothing.

Arte Antwerp shirts

Shirts are the perfect choice for countless situations. A good shirt is the right choice at a formal occasion to look good and leave the right impression. But men's shirts are so much more than that. On this page we have put all Arte Anwerp shirts together.

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