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About Arc’teryx

Arc’teryx was founded in Vancouver by local mountain climbers in 1989. The name and the logo of Arc'teryx refer to one of the earliest known birds in the world. The Logo, designed by graphic designer Michael Hofler, is based on the most complete bird skeleton that is found up to now.

At Arc’teryx, the goal is to create equipment that enables a person to be immersed in the moment of doing, regardless of external conditions. Simple solutions to complex challenges; this is the essence of minimalism and the philosophy of Arc'teryx' design. Where design is just as important as science and functionality, Arc’teryx is one of the biggest in the outdoor clothing world.

Arc'teryx uses the Coast Mountains, one of the most unpopulated areas in the world as proving grounds for their clothing and equipment. The weather conditions are rough, diverse, and often challenging, which benefits the quality and durability of Arc'teryx' products. This ensures that you'll make it through the cold days when wearing an Arc'teryx sweater or jacket.

Arc'teryx has a long-term vision. The products that are developed by the brand have to be as durable as possible, no matter the conditions they're subjected to. Arc'teryx is not only focussed on making durable, qualitatively good products but is also strongly focussed on how their operations affect the environment. From the chosen materials to the location where to products are made, Arc'teryx is constantly looking for ways to operate more responsibly. 

Arc’teryx at Freshcotton

Also in the fashion world, Arc'teryx is appreciated more and more. Celebrities like Frank Ocean, Harold Hunter, Travis Scott, Virgil Abloh, and Drake were seen multiple times in Arc'teryx items. Virgil Abloh even wore an Arc'teryx jacket on his Fall '20 Louis Vuitton fashion show.

You order Arc’teryx at Freshcotton because of the wide selection, the next day delivery, and the free shipping at every order above €75,-. Arc’teryx, one of the biggest in the outdoor clothing world.

Highlighted Arc’teryx items

Arc’teryx Zeta LT Jacket Black

This Arc’teryx jacket is made of GORE-TEX® material. GORE-TEX® guarantees your waterproof clothing. The GORE-TEX® membrane makes sure it stops heavy rain, strong wind gusts, and hail. The GORE-TEX® material is also breathable, so it doesn’t get muggy inside. GORE-TEX® is a pioneer in the branch because the material is long-lasting and can take a beating. Also, GORE-TEX® is sustainable because it is made from recycled fabrics.

The Arc'teryx Emblem T-shirt Paradigm

This lightweight T-shirt is made from 100% organically grown cotton, which ensures a nice and soft structure on the skin, while also being gentle for the environment. The high-quality standard that Arc'teryx stands for is definitely implemented in this T-shirt. The shirt is made from natural fibers. The Arc'teryx logo is printed on the left side of the chest. This shirt is part of the sustainability program, products from brands that are sustainably designed and try to contribute to a better world.  

Not that fond of this particular colorway? This T-shirt is also available in white! 


GORE-TEX® is a water-resistant material, first introduced in 1969 by Bob Gore. Products equipped with GORE-TEX® technology have a special membrane which ensures products are durably water-resistant, wind-resistant and breathable. Thanks to this membrane, you will not only stay dry when bad weather ensues, but you'll also sweat less quickly. The products make sure no moist comes in, but thanks to little holes in the membrane, perspiration ventilates out. 

Products equipped with GORE-TEX® guarantee durability and quality. The products are very durable and will keep working as intended and promised. GORE-TEX® is also a good choice when it comes to the environment, as it is made from recycled materials. GORE-TEX® is the absolute frontrunner when it comes to water- and wind-resistant material. Many Arc'teryx products are equipped with GORE-TEX® technology, especially the jackets. Because of this, you'll know what you'll get in advance: the absolute best quality. Make sure to check out the Zeta LT Jacket Black, a lightweight jacket equipped with GORE-TEX®. The Zeta SL Jacket Black is a similar style jacket, that will keep you warm during cold days. Looking for a way different style? The Keppel Trenchcoat Dracaena just might be something for you. Designed for city life, keeping you warm, comfortable and dry. 

Check out the entire Arc'teryx collection here.