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Adidas T-shirts

Adidas is one of the largest brands in the world. The German brand has been at the top for years. Originally it is a sports brand, but in the contemporary street scene, adidas is indispensable. The world-famous and characteristic 3-stripes can be seen everywhere you look. On shoes, trousers, sweaters and many more products. On this page we put the adidas tees in the sunlight. An adidas T-shirt often has the recognizable 3 stripes on the side of the T-shirt. The T-shirts also often have the adidas 'Trefoil' logo. The three-blade logo was launched in 1971 and symbolized the company's growth aspirations.

Adidas tees at Freshcotton

Adidas and Freshcotton have been going hand in hand for years. We also know that this is a brand that the customer wants. In order to give you the best possible offer, we choose the adidas products with great care. Because the collections are so large, we always have enough choice for you. And to make it even easier for you, we have created a special page with only adidas T-shirts. This makes it easy to look around and make a quick choice.

Tips for choosing

Buying a t-shirt is difficult. We at Freshcotton know this better than anyone and have therefore put together a few tips for you. These tips will hopefully make choosing a new t-shirt a little easier.

  1. Pay attention to the fabric the T-shirt is made of and adjust it accordingly.
  2. Roll up your sleeves for a sophisticated look.
  3. When buying your long or short sleeve T-shirt, pay attention to the fit.

Popular Adidas Products

adidas has many products that we are fans of. You will of course find them all in this shop, but we are happy to highlight three categories for you.

  1. adidas sneakers. Adidas is of course known for this. adidas has created some timeless sneakers that will never go out of style. Examples include the adidas Superstar and the adidas Stan Smith. But also new models such as the Ozweego and Yung 1.
  2. adidas T-shirts. At Freshcotton we always have a wide range of adidas T-shirts. Often these tees have the well-known Trefoil logo in all shapes and sizes. We also have T-shirts with the characteristic 3 stripes that we know from adidas.
  3. adidas sweaters. The crewnecks from adidas are always of good quality, they often have embroidered logos and the famous 3 stripes.

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