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Adidas Sneakers

Adidas sneakers history

The two German brothers, Adolph and Rudolph Dassler, designed their first shoes in 1920. Rudolf founded the other famous brand ‘Puma’ in 1948, while his brother Adolph created the famous three stripe brand Adidas. That’s when the Adidas sneakers were born. The first release of Adidas shoes was the ‘Samba’. Originally designed for the cold weather during football training. 15 years later Adidas did a good job with launching the ‘Stan Smith’ shoes, contributing the famous tennis player. Both Adidas shoes are still available these days with a new design.
Over the years, Adidas released lots of classic sneakers, like the collaboration with Kanye West’ Yeezy’s or the Adidas LA trainer. Famous Adidas shoes you’ll see everywhere in the world. And we predict Adidas will continue releasing dope sneakers!

Adidas and HipHop

Before Nelly made the song Air Force 1s, Run DMC was rockin' their Adidas. They loved them so much, in the 1980s they made a song called My Adidas. Run DMC had their own style, no laces with the tongue sticking out. Most of the time you would see Run DMC in a fresh pair of “Superstars” or called “Shell Toes”. Even to this day, the Adidas Superstar is highly associated with the Hip Hop culture.

Adidas Vegan Line 

Adidas works hard to fight for a better future for our planet. That's why they created a vegan line, made out of recycled materials. All the classics got a vegan make-over like the Adidas Superstar, Adidas Stan Smith and Adidas Continental. 

Adidas mens sneakers online

Adidas is one of the largest brands in the world. Originally a sports brand, but nowadays it is one of the biggest streetwear brands as well. It is well known, that adidas makes cool sneakers for men. The brand that was founded in 1949 comes with so many iconic designs that sometimes we can't keep up with it. Of course, Adidas is a sports brand that implements a sporty look in the design with every shoe that it releases. But the adidas sneaker doesn't stop at just a sporty look. No, an adidas shoe is often technically super good and innovative and is also very comfortable in terms of fit due to the years of experience the company has. They use this experience to design high quality soles, uppers and fits that also appeal to many people. This page highlights the adidas sneakers. 

Adidas mens sneakers at Freshcotton

Freshcotton likes to work with Adidas for over years. From the beginning we have included this brand in the range. This is because it is one of the most legendary brands in existence. Freshcotton has a wide range of adidas products. Examples include jackets, pants, sneakers, sweaters and hoodies. To make it easier for you, we have made a page with only adidas sneakers. The adidas men's shoes that Freshcotton has in the shop have been carefully selected and always stand for quality, a good fit and a perfect look. In the shop you will find well-known models such as the Adidas Stan Smith and the Adidas Ozweego. In addition to these  adidas shoes, we also come with exclusive adidas releases. Enough reason to check adidas sneakers at Freshcotton. 

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