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Amsterdam On Tour

Freshcotton, in collaboration with Carhartt WIP, is pleased to present AMSTERDAM ON TOUR, made by AGAIN.
– a book that takes you inside the wild Amsterdam graffiti scene of the late 70s and early 80s.

Back in the day, before hip-hop ruled the planet, Amsterdam had its own home-grown graffiti culture. The streets and alleys were covered with the markings of rebellious youth, long before the New York style of graffiti became widespread throughout in Europe. Punk rockers, Disco fans, hooligans and other rebels all wrote their messages on the walls. The styles were richly varied and the messages equally so.

AMSTERDAM ON TOUR describes the rise and development of graffiti in Amsterdam until 1985.
This is the first time ever that this story has been carefully told. Over 30 graffiti artists from that special scene tell their stories in a unique collection of words and pictures. This book traces the deepest roots of a phenomenon that developed into one of the biggest visual cultures known today.

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