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Universal Works


Universal Works


Universal Works’ history

Universal Works was founded by David Keyte. This Englishman is the centre of everything Universal Works stands for. Keyte was involved with everything from the start in 2009, the year Universal Works was founded. The design process, produce, and sale process. He even made some Universal Works clothes at his own kitchen table. David Keyte thinks it’s important for Universal Works that al processes are working in a responsible and fair way. His goal is to create real, fair clothing based on a good shape and design, but is never over-designed.
David Keyte grew up in the 70’s on the countryside of England. He was part of a working-class family and so wore lots of working clothes and gear. As founder and CEO of Universal Works, Keyte values the way a product is made and how it functions. Keyte works with passion from the heart for Universal Works to create a high quality, but also sustainable product. He does this with success. Besides Europe, you can find Universal Works in Asia and the United States. In addition, Universal Works had collaborations with different other big brands, like Adidas, Stag, Sebago and GOODHOOD.

High quality and aesthetically good Universal Works items

With David’s life work reading like a description of the companie’s DNA, Universal Works is all about the mixing of ideas; understanding heritage and context underpinned by contemporary needs and aesthetics. Universal Works champion skilled, small-scale production. They produce garments in the right place, both in the UK and overseas, working only with factories Universal Works trusts, admire and are proud to be associated with.
Universal Works makes clean streetwear with an European twist. The materials are made of high-quality fabrics. For example, with the Universal Works Kyoto Twill Work Jacket Universal Works dropped a very unique jacket. But also, on a technical level Universal Works is trying to grow. It’s releasing more and more waterproof and windproof items. In addition, Universal Works really values long lasting products.

Universal Works items at FRESHCOTTON

It might not come as a surprise that we are Universal Works fans. Besides given that Universal Works is a pretty new brand, it positioned itself pretty solid. Keeping in mind that Universal Works is all about small-scale production and is a not a humongous company, we give them extra credits. With high quality jackets, like the Universal Works Cabin Twill Jacket, Universal Works convinced us. Clean streetwear combined with ethical fabrics is special. Also the Universal Works Classic Stripes New Standard Shirt is a perfect example of this.
You can buy Universal Works products at FRESHCOTTON because of the wide selection, the next day delivery and the free shipping at every order above €75,-. Universal Works, one of the biggest small-scale brands. Special, on its own Universal Works’ way.  

Highlighted Universal Works items at FRESHCOTTON

At FRESHCOTTON we think all Universal Works items are special. The combination of clean streetwear made in an ethically way, makes Universal Works one of a kind. Although there are some Universal Works products that deserve a special stage.
The Universal Works Kyoto Twill Work Jacket. This jacket is special because of the unique design. Thereby, the jacket is ethically responsible and made of an extremely high quality. Definitely an eye catcher! This jacket is also available in navy blue.
At last we’re highlighting the de Universal Works Patchwork Madras Road Shirt. This short-sleeved shirt has a very special design. With this blouse, Universal Works shows that it’s willing to experiment. Keeping in mind that this short sleeved is made responsibly and of a high quality, makes it extra nice.

4 Universal Works advantages

The four most important details are also the four most important advantages of Universal Works items:

  1. The extremely high quality
  2. Clean streetwear design
  3. Produced in a responsible way
  4. Universal Works always sticks with their own, and so is unique

Enough pros and characteristics that make Universal Works unique. Thereby we'd like to mention our delivery service again - ordered before 00.00, tomorrow delivered. And if your order is above €75,-, we'll deliver your package for free. Questions? [email protected]