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The New Originals

The New Originals

The New Originals, abbreviated to TNO, is originally an collective of nine creative guys from Amsterdam. The 9 dots logo stands for The Box and references the puzzle where thinking outside of the box is crucial.

The New Originals at FRESHCOTTON

The New Originals is just like FRESHCOTTON an Amsterdam clothing company. That's why the two fit together so well. We are very pleased to have TNO with us for sale. The clothes of TNO are fairly simple, but do get the attention they deserve. With cool designs of the shirts, hoodies and pants is TNO surely a brand to look out for.

3 showcased TNO products

We are of course showcasing our three favorite TNO items again. The three best pieces of TNO are in our opinion the:

The New Originals Parachute Trousers Dark Green. These pants from TNO don't only look cool they are also very convenient. The pants can be adjusted with a drawstring and can even be worn as shorts. The pants have hidden zippers at the knee.

The New Originals Underline Hoodie Black Green. This black hoodie looks simple, but is still a sight to see. The only print on the hoodie are the letters TNO on the front in a nice green color which looks very good on the black hoodie. The hoodie is very comfortable and has a kangaroo pouch.

The New Originals Carota Trousers Black. These black trousers are tapered in a way that you can show off your fresh sneakers. The ends of the pants fall perfectly on the sneakers. The pants have a TNO patch on the left thigh.