OLAF Jackets


The brand Olaf Hussein has been a big name since 2013. What started with the design of jeans has grown into an entire collection with contemporary characteristic clothing and accessories that fit well with today's needs. Objects and insights collected from all over the world, form the starting points of this characteristic design process.

The name of the label; OLAF, is inspired by the trips to Scandinavia and focuses on project-based drops. Thanks to good business relations with European manufacturers, the fabrics that are already in stock are given a new lease of life and in this way the items can be offered at a fair price.


Olaf Hussein is currently one of the larger streetwear brands. In the Olaf Hussein online shop, you can find various items, such as Olaf Hussein T-shirts, Olaf Hussein Longsleeves and Olaf Hussein Hoodies. OLAF also has great accessories such as Olaf Hussein tote bags and Olaf Hussein socks. At Freshcotton we always try to ensure that we can offer you the best possible assortment, with each item available in different sizes, so that there is always something in between for you! Welcome to the online shop of Olaf Hussein x Freshcotton.


In addition to the longsleeves, sweaters and hoodies, we also have various jackets from Olaf Hussein in the collection. There are different types of coats. It doesn't matter which jacket you choose; the quality is good, and they all have a nice design. Because of the variation, there is certainly a jacket that suits you completely. In addition to the jackets, also check the different t-shirts, longsleeves, hoodies, sweaters, caps, socks and accessories.

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