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Napapijri and her history

Napapijri was born in 1987 in the shadow of Europeans highest mountain, the Mont Blanc. An Italian Manufacturer of travel bags gave a new meaning to outdoor clothing. Through innovative material and attention to style. He was inspired by the ingenuity of the biggest expeditions in the last centuries and the brave explorers who see a lot of the world. A lot of people know Napapijri of their iconic pullover jackets. Now a days they have a lot to offer, to make your outdoor look complete. We as FRESHCOTTON try to stay up-to-date with the Napapijri collections. So we can offer you the best of the best in our Napapijri shop. Take a look if you want, if you have any questions you can let us know!

Napapijri shop at FRESHCOTTON

Inspired by the extreme landscapes from Poland. Eskimo-wisdom is also an inspiration fro the most iconic products: the Napapijri Skidoo and the Napapijri Rainforest. Napapijri items are very populair and high quality. The items finishes every outfit. That is why we offer a big product range of menswear. Napapijri designed a lot of cool items: besides the Napapijri Skidoo and the Napapijri Rainforest, there are Napapijri Sweaters & Hoodies, Napapijri Rainforest winter coat and summer coat, Napapijri Pants, Napapijri Longsleeves, Napapijri T-shirts and other Napapijri Jackets. So Napapijri is very populair these days and offers real must haves!

Welcome in the Napapijri shop of FRESHCOTTON. Shop here the newest products of Napapijri!

The greatest Napapijri product

Napapijri has a lot of cool products in their collection. The best and the most iconic product of Napapijri is mentioned down here. We think it is really cool, we hope you guys think that as well!

If we talk about an icon, we mean the Rainforest jacket: colorful, classic and so vibrant that it lives his own life, and is the face of Napapijri. These Napapijri Rainforest jackets for summer, fall and winter are really cool jackets which finishes every look. The Napapijri jackets are pullovers which you can wear in cold and wet weather. They are also great windbreakers.

Do you have questions about the clothing from the Napapijri shop at FRESHCOTTON? Email us! [email protected] 

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