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Helly Hansen Caps


A cap is indispensable in the streetwear scene. Whether you're wearing it to protect you from the sunlight, or it's just perfectly matched with your outfit. Caps are extremely popular for many years now and therefore can be found in all shapes and sizes. Helly Hansen caps come in a lot of different colors, designs, models and materials, for everyone to like. The caps are always from high end quality, everything for the perfect cap!

Helly Hansen and streetwear

In the 90s, the Scandinavian brand gained a cult following in the rest of Europe and North America. HH grew into a popular brand among hip-hop fans and streetwear fans. The coats became especially popular. Helly Hansen's popularity in the streetwear world has recently revived in the streetwear niche market. Helly Hansen did this partly through cooperation with brands such as Puma and Japanese brands Wtaps, Beams and namamica.

Helly Hansen at FRESHCOTTON

HH will surely help you get through weather and wind. The techniques used by Helly Hansen are as relevant today as they were when they were first invented.

Populair Helly Hansen items

Helly Hansen Jackets. When you think of Helly Hansen you think of their jackets. Jackets is where it all started for Helly Hansen and it's still one of the strongest points. The jackets are of high quality and are made to protect you against the different weather elements.

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