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History of Gramicci

Gramicci was founded in 1982 by Mike Graham. He participated in an ""All Italian Ascent"" at Yosemite Park's Half Dome and here he soon found out that Mike didn't sound very Italian. He decided to call himself Gramicci. This name stuck when he started his outerwear brand in 1982. Due to the lack of fine climbing clothing, he decided to develop trousers with an extra piece of fabric at the crotch, a Gusseted Crotch. This for more room for manoeuvre. Soon the pants were seen as the climbing pants in the USA and Japan. After the success of the wide cross, another crucial part was added, namely a built-in nylon belt. Today, Gramicci is seen as the pioneer of innovation in the outdoor industry. Where others do their best to keep up, the brand is always working on new, better technologies. For a number of years now, the brand has added a Japanese department that combines American innovation and their experience in the industry with technical fabrics and a Japanese view of fashion.

Gramicci at Freshcotton

Gramicci's clothing is inspired by outwear clothing, it is finally originally made to climb mountains. As a result, the kelding is of super good quality and various climbing essentials can also be seen. The built-in belt can be found in all trousers, but this also gives a cool design. We try to offer as many assortment of Gramicci clothing as possible, so we have pants,  capst-shirts  and shorts and swimming trunks.  In addition to Gramicci, check out the various products of  Arc'teryx,this is also an outerwear brand.

3 benefits of Gramicci

Three advantages of Gramicci  are:

  1. Because they are actually made for mountaineering, the trousers are of very high quality and it is easy to move around in this.
  2. Gramicci's products are made responsibly.
  3. Gramicci has basic designs, but also eye-catching ones. Because of this, there is something for everyone.