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Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions
Table of contents:
Article 1 - Definitions
Article 2 - Identity of the entrepreneur
Article 3 - Applicability
Article 4 - The offer
Article 5 - The Agreement
Article 6 - Right of withdrawal
Article 7 - Costs in case of withdrawal
Article 8 - Exclusion of the right of withdrawal
Article 9 - The price
Article 10 - Conformity and warranty
Article 11 - Delivery and execution
Article 12 - Duration transactions: duration, termination and extension
Article 13 - Payment
Article 14 - Complaints procedure
Article 15 - Disputes
Article 16 - Additional or different provisions




Article 1 - Definitions 


In these conditions is understood to mean:


Reflection period: the period within which the consumer can exercise his right of withdrawal;


Consumer: the natural person who is not acting in the exercise of a profession or business and enters into a distance contract with the entrepreneur;
Day: calendar day;


Duration transaction: a distance contract relating to a series of products and/or services, of which the delivery and/or purchase obligation is spread over time;


Durable medium: any means that enables the consumer or entrepreneur to store information addressed to him personally in a way that allows future consultation and unaltered reproduction of the stored information;


Right of withdrawal: the possibility for the consumer to withdraw from the distance contract within the cooling-off period;


Entrepreneur: the natural or legal person who offers products and/or services at a distance to consumers;


Distance contract: an agreement under which, within the framework of a system organized by the entrepreneur for distance selling of products and / or services, up to and including the conclusion of the agreement is exclusively used one or more techniques for distance communication;
Technique for distance communication: means that can be used for concluding an agreement, without the consumer and trader being in the same room at the same time.




Article 2 - Identity of the entrepreneur
FreshCotton Retail BV;
Achtergracht 15, 1017 WL Amsterdam;
Telephone number: 0204285917 (available during office hours)
E-mail address:
CoC number: 34389559
VAT identification number: NL8183.19.215.B01




Article 3 - Applicability
These general terms and conditions apply to every offer made by the entrepreneur and to every distance contract concluded between the entrepreneur and the consumer.


Before the distance contract is concluded, the text of these general conditions is made available to the consumer. If this is not reasonably possible, it will be indicated before the distance contract is concluded that the general terms and conditions can be viewed at the trader's premises and that they will be sent to the consumer free of charge as soon as possible at the consumer's request.


If the distance contract is concluded electronically, notwithstanding the previous paragraph and before the distance contract is concluded, the text of these terms and conditions electronically to the consumer be made available in such a way that the consumer in a simple way can be stored on a durable medium. If this is not reasonably possible, before the distance contract is concluded, will be indicated where the general terms and conditions can be viewed electronically and that they will be sent to the consumer electronically or otherwise free of charge at the consumer's request.


In the event that in addition to these general conditions also specific product or service conditions apply, the second and third paragraphs apply accordingly and the consumer can always invoke the applicable provision that is most favorable to him in the event of conflicting general conditions.




Article 4 - The offer


If an offer has a limited period of validity or is made subject to conditions, this will be explicitly stated in the offer.


The offer contains a complete and accurate description of the products and/or services offered. The description is sufficiently detailed to allow a proper assessment of the offer by the consumer. If the operator uses images, these are a true representation of the products and / or services offered. Obvious mistakes or obvious errors in the offer do not bind the entrepreneur.


Each offer contains such information that it is clear to the consumer what rights and obligations are attached to the acceptance of the offer. This concerns in particular:



the price including taxes;

the possible costs of delivery;

the way in which the agreement will be concluded and which actions are necessary for this;

whether or not t

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