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Columbia’s history

With over 80 years it’s good to state Columbia has a load of experience. Columbia is founded in 1938 and actually started off with selling head wear. This all started after the German Gert Boyle and her family were forced to run away during the second world war. Boyle and her family sought their salvation in Portland, Oregon, and bought a hat store, and called it ‘Columbia Hat Co’. After a couple of safe and successful years, Boyle wanted to see some changes for ‘Columbia Hat Co’. Besides hats Columbia started selling outdoor clothing in the late 50’s. Columbia was making her first big moves and changed the company name in 1960: Columbia Sportswear. This worked out well and Columbia paid more attention to outdoor clothing.
in 1975 Columbia made some major improvements by introducing as first of all a GORE-TEX parka. Columbia continued developing their own waterproof technologies and nowadays Columbia is still doing it. For example, Columbia invented the Omni-Tech material, like they applied on the Columbia East Park Mackintosh Jacket or the Columbia Pouring Adventure II Jacket. With products made from an excellent quality like these and many others, Columbia became a real pioneer in the outdoor clothes branch.

High-quality and aesthetically good Karhu sneakers

Good colorways and an excellent quality. That’s what describes Columbia the best. Columbia built a very strong reputation, thanks to decades of experience. In addition, the American brand thinks it’s important to make their items more and more trendy, in their own Columbia way. Columbia is doing this by using different colour patterns and experimenting a lot. E.g. check the stunning fannypacks!
What else is special about Columbia items, is that they are diverse and multifunctional. Use Columbia for going to school or work, but also if you’re making long hikes under unpredictable weather circumstances. Columbia’s good quality products make all of these possible.

Columbia items at FRESHCOTTON

It's no surprise that we are big fans of Columbia. The brand got, long ago before we even were born, famous with their good outdoor clothing that’s still here these days, like the Columbia Mazama 26L Backpack of de Columbia Riptide Short in different colours.
You can buy Columbia at FRESHCOTTON because of the wide selection, the next day delivery and the free shipping at every order above €75,-.

Highlighted Columbia items at FRESHCOTTON

At FRESHCOTTON we think all Columbia items are special. The combination of daring colours use and the excellent quality make Columbia unique in his sort. Although there are Columbia items that deserve to be highlighted:
The Columbia Inner Limits II Jacket Collegiate. This jacket is made with Columbia’s own Omni-Tech technology. With Omni-Tech your Columbia clothes are completely waterproof and breathable. This causes a good airflow so it never gets muggy inside.
The Columbia Rapid Ridge Graphic Tevivid. With this dope T-shirt Columbia shows that it’s willing to experiment. Streetwear combined with the good old trusted Columbia quality is what makes this T-shirt.
Of course we have other Columbia items that are very special. The following products are definitely worth checking out.
Click here for the Columbia Riptide Short White.
Click here for the Columbia Helvetia Half Snap Fleece Black.

Three advantages of Columbia items

The three most important details are also the three most important advantages of Columbia items:

  1. The excellent quality
  2. The ultimate comfort
  3. The unique combination of colours

Enough pros and characteristics that make the Columbia items unique. Thereby we'd like to mention our delivery service again - ordered before 00.00, tomorrow delivered. And if your order is above €75,-, we'll deliver your package for free. Questions? [email protected]