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February 14th, it’s Valentine’s day. Do we really need to buy a rose and go on a romantic date? Isn’t that too stereotype? So, what is Valentine’s day really about?

Not everything is about the sweet lovie dovie with your girl or boy. No, definitely not. That’s just the commercial aspect though. Valentine is actually about all the friendships and relationships you got.
Do you remember Aristoteles? Didn’t you pay attention during history class? I’ll explain it to you. Aristoteles was a philosopher from Greece who got buried under the ground for over 2000 years ago. This smart guy said there are 3 kinds of friendships. We clarified them for you.Useful friendships
These are mainly handy friendships. You see each other on a regular base, and this is what makes your friendship. This friend can be your neighbour or your football buddy. A real-life example: ‘Hey neighbour, next week I’m going on a vacation. Could you take care of my cat?’ If you’ve been so nice to take his garbage bin with you every now and then, he’ll probably keep your kitty alive.

Friendships for fun
The friendships for fun are the most entertaining. You can have a good laugh with each other and go to parties. But when it all comes down, not many of these friendships will remain. Your interests will change and when you get older, you’ll find out your buddy is actually a bitch. These relationships are called ‘friendships for pleasure’.

Friendships for life
At last, we have friendships for life. These are the most valuable. You help each other grow as a person and support each other no matter what. What’s your meaning of having a friend for life?

So, what are you doing on Valentine? Not just getting cozy with your babe, right? Let your friends know what they mean to you. Give them a big kiss and spend some quality time with your friends.

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