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New Balance will soon be releasing their model 530 sneaker and has asked us for our interpretation of the sneaker. The highly fashionable sneaker is ideal for running on but also sports a modern look that fits any style. The following images showcase our interpretation, which can be best described as a 'blending of styles'.

Much like anything else in life, sneakers too have a history. For centuries sneakers were worn for sports activities since they were much more comfortable to move in. Wearing sneakers outside of sports was considered improper, considering they were only ment for sports. 

Sneakers have grown in popularity and are worn more often than regular shoes. They're even accepted on the work floor. Why sneakers have grown in popularity is hard to say, but it's probably because of the look and feel a modern sneaker has. 

One of our favorite sneakers are the sneakers of New Balance. For years this company has been providing us with quality sneakers that are both durable and innovative when it comes to sneaker technology. Sporting a classic and unique look, New Balance sneakers are considered a one of a kind shoe with each model having something special to them. The New Balance 530 will be available for purchase on the 2th of December on our webshop.

Whilst originally a sport shoe, the line between sportswear and fashion is fading as everything is being mixed. To emphasize this we've mixed not only the different styles but also lifestyles in this editorial. Sport meeting fashion and creating a unique and beautiful picture. 

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