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We have a new brand in our webshop. No fresh hoodies or sneakers this time around, in fact, they are products to keep your hoodies and sneaker fresh. In the FRESHCOTTON-webshop do we sell three DFNS products, with two products having a smaller version.

The Footwear Refresh is a product which eliminates odor molecules. Available in a spray can of 150 ml.

The Footwear Protector is a repellant which makes your sneaker watertight and breathable. The Footwear Protector is available in a can of 150 ml and a can 85 ml, safe to take with you on the plane.

The Apparel Launder is a spray which refreshes, reshapes and de-wrinkles your clothing. Available in a spray can of 185 ml and 85 ml.

DFNS strives to be the most sustainable choice in their industry. DFNS makes use of Airopack, innovative technology which is safer for you and the planet. Traditional aerosol makes use of pressurized gas to propel its contents, releasing harmful solvents as well. Airopack makes use of compressed air instead of harmful chemicals, that way all you get is the actual product and nothing more. DFNS is a great choice if you want to go sustainable.

Check out our DFNS collection.

If you find sustainability to be important, check out other sustainable brands in our webshop like Patagonia and Le Bonnet.

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