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It was Jay Z’s birthday yesterday. The legendary rapper reached the age of fifty. Because the man is generous he gave us all a present on his own birthday. All his albums are available to listen on Spotify from now on out!

Forbes exclaimed Jay Z to be the first rapper to become a billionaire. Jay Z does not only have his music to thank for that. Mr. Carter has been an entrepreneur since his coke dealing days in his Brooklyn neighborhood. The days of drug dealing are long behind him. Nowadays has he got his own entertainment company Roc Nation, his own streaming platform Tidal and his very own cognac D’Ussé. Like Hov has told us before: I’m not a businessman; I’m a business, man!

Jay Z tends to look clumsy from time to time. The well-known jet ski and bicycle pics of him are a good example of this. Despite this, the man has a ton of charisma. He didn’t get with Beyoncé for nothing. This charisma can also be found back in his music and style.

As one of Brooklyn’s Finest is Jay Z a clear New Yorker. This can also be seen in his style. Timbs are the shoe of choice in many of his fits. Jay has been a well-known figure in three decennia and because of this his style has changed quite some times. In the old days Jay Z could be spotted in XL tees and baggy jeans. In the Watch The Throne era it was leather pants and graphic tees. Jay Z has always been fond of suits, especially in his gangster era. The suits he wore then were mostly dark colored and made him seem to be straight from The Godfather. Nowadays, he also wears a lot of colored suits.

If you have never listened to Jay Z’s music because the Spotify absence held you back we recommend you do it now! Listen to his very first album Reasonable Doubt down below.


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