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Jacket come in different shapes and forms. They're made from different materials and have each their own unique design. Fans of streetwear have strict rules when selecting their jacket, not only should it look good it should also feel good. Comfort is an important aspect in the world of jackets, and what jacket screams comfort more than the teddy jacket?

They actually have an interesting history, believe it or not. Teddy jackets were first worn by upper-class bikers in the United Kingdom. The cool look and image these bikers had attracted the attention of many and soon, teddy jackets were worn by anyone trying to imitate classy bikers. In the past these jackets were even popular among celebrities like Mick Jagger and artists such as Salvador Dali.

The popularity of these jackets has increased in the past years but with a few tweaks. The outer layer made of fur has been replaced by a synthetic layer made of fleece. This fleece often is made from recycled polyester, which in todays society is highly appreciated given the importance of sustainability. 

How should I wear teddy jackets you ask? That is completely up to you, given that what your wear alongside your teddy jacket also looks and feels comfortable. Teddy jackets have the unique ability of looking good on any fit but if you really want to, you could get a pair of fleece pants to make the fit complete. 

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